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Blix Spaces, Level 2, 283 Normanby Road, Port Melbourne

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Blix Spaces is an open, professional co-working space located in the heart of Port Melbourne. With the space only walking distance from Melbourne CBD, tram stops and free parking, you will always feel close to what you need.

Blix Spaces is home to over 55 workstations with optimal standing desks, fully equipped with fibre optic internet, 3 meeting rooms and 5 private booths. Whether you need some space to focus, or for business meetings, we can cater for you.

Our Facilities

As well as essential kitchen and shower
facilities, Blix Spaces also offers an industrial  coffee machine with freshly supplied coffee beans, assorted fruit platters, sparkling water and a full stocked bar, with beer on tap to quench your thirst on a Friday afternoon.

When you join Blix Spaces, you join a community who are passionate about what they do. We are all here to help each other grow, thrive and succeed. Our dedicated team are here to
connect you to who you need.